Friday, December 4, 2015

Kaleb and Aiden turn 3

Happiest 3rd birthday to my silly, independent, fun-loving three-nagers!

We had a trying morning/afternoon, to the point I almost cried out of frustration not wanting to get mad at the boys on their special day.  We made sprinkle waffles, birthday wishes, carried balloons around everywhere and prepared for their birthday delivery (toddler beds).  Then AJ poured hot wax all over my freshly washed dishes and almost spent the rest of the day in time-out.  Ugh.  Today Aiden also decided he'll only refer to me as Mom, and Keith Dad.  What happened to Mommy/Daddy?  After nap they were different boys and we had a fabulous evening!

Although the boys helped transition their room we saved the final reveal by distracting them with youtube videos of Peppa Pig (that crazy pig family is also in the above picture waving goodbye to the delivery truck).  They love their sheets more than the actual bed!  They did work VERY hard at picking them out, so I'm not really surprised at the bedding enthusiasm.  

Keith and I can't believe how different the rooms looks.  We feel like our little boys are ready to start middle school, ha.  Now that we completely trashed the house with packaging, their nursery furniture, dinner and birthday brownies we have our work cut out for us tomorrow preparing for their party!

Love you Kaleb Jesse and Aiden Jake!!!  You two make my world go round!

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