Monday, December 21, 2015

The BMA song

Yesterday, all day Kman Sang the BMA song.  It goes a lot like this:
BMA, BMA, BMA, BMA, BMA, BMA, BEEEMA, BEEEEEEMA, BMA...(in the sweetest Kaleb voice you can imagine).  He's hilarious.  It also got me thinking about our recent visit with my mom, and how much we all miss her!!

Her trip passed much too quickly, as always, but we enjoyed every second!!  Cookie baking, crafting, sleepovers, Hanukkah love, an early Christmas celebration at my Grandparents and a surprise visit from Michael!!  It was all so wonderful!

Ginormous thanks for all the love!  We miss you so much and hope to see you in a few months.

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