Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2nd Birthday Extravaganza

This past Sunday was Kaleb and Aiden's 2nd birthday EXTRAVAGANZA!!
It was a beautiful day, full of love, laughter and fun.  

To say K&A had a blast is a pure understatement.  Besides taking Aiden to the Sea World water park in Texas I've never seen him have so much fun.

I think the crowd's favorite moment was watching the boys go face first into their cakes.  They were hilarious.  Aiden LOVES when people clap and cheer him on....he's such a silly boy.  Kaleb literally destroyed his cake.  I was so impressed!

So close to blowing out their candles!

The "bubble bath" was a big hit and kept the kids so very entertained.  Each time Aiden spotted the pool full of balloons he would run full speed, launch himself, then come up laughing and clapping.  Other times he'd climb in and lay completely still waiting to be covered up, then Kaleb would jump in to find him.

Thank you to all our friends and family who came, ate cake and helped celebrate these two amazing little guys.  They are so spoiled, receiving such amazing gifts from you all.  The past few days have been full of excitement and curiosity, truck driving, tool bench working and training around.  Big boy toys are so much more fun!!  I wish I would have taken more photos at the party.  Next year I think I'll hire help so I can snap away :)  Throwing a birthday party is hard work!

On a side note:
The boys were also SO brave this week and took their vaccines like pros.  We walked in with smiles and walked out proud showing everyone their tootsie pops.  The nurses were shocked when Aiden moved the step stool over to the table, climbed up, and just laid down on his back ready for an examination.  He is such a ham!  I also attempted to recreate another bathtub balloon photo.  I'm gonna try again tonight, fingers crossed Kaleb will be a little more chill.

original photo here

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