Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Eight Crazy Nights

Happy Hanukkah friends and family!

The boys and I had a glorious day!  We met a fun set of 4-year-old boy twins in the store, and everyone shared their obsession with trains.  I finally hung all our holiday cards, and we made a feast!!

Sometimes I have a little too much help preparing meals.  Kaleb and Aiden push their stool around and immediately land next to me.  They are such good helpers, but usually eat half of their meal before we even make it to the table.  No wonder they love helping so much :)

Brisket with carrots & onions, zucchini potato latkas (YUM) and applesauce for dipping! The house smelled heavenly.  The only thing that creates a more delicious smell is COOKIES!  Every year I fill large mason jars with different homemade cookies for neighbors....but we haven't met anyone yet...the driveways are long and everyone keeps to themselves.  So I'll have to spoil our mail carrier instead.

The most delicious Texas-inspired brisket I've ever made
This week I also had the privilege of photographing a tiny and deliciously sweet set of boy/girl twins, who just turned 3months old.  The boys had a blast helping prepare the photo shoot.  They make such great models!

Aiden is signing his version of "please"
Tiny Toes!!!
OH, and the balloon birthday bath reshoot went SO well.  Check out the magical moment I caught of K&A!!  These yearly shots make awesome bathroom art.

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