Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hope all friends and family had a happy Christmas.  The boys and I had an early celebration with my Grandparents, which was great fun.  The boys love hanging out with their GiGi an PopPop so much.  As the holiday approached we had plans to spend the eve with Keith's family, who have a tradition of a delicious late-night dinner party and present exchange at Grandmas.  We had GRAND fun creating personalized coffee mugs!  Christmas day we spent between Grandmas and Keith's parents house, then loaded up for home where the boys took their long winter's nap.  It was SO overdue with a late bedtime the night before!  They were just too excited to sleep with their new slumber get-up (camo truck robes, slippers and jammies).  They love all of their gifts and send BIG thank you's to everyone.

While the boys napped and napped I made the house extra cozy with a fire and got K&A's big comfy chair's ready!  Boy are they loving them....but nothing beats wheels!  They are truck obsessed.  We've had such a busy end of the year I was surprised we even hung stockings.  Watching our holiday card garland grow makes me extra happy, and is the perfect decoration for this time of year!  

Looking forward to celebrating the New Year tomorrow with some friends.  An early happy 2015 to you!

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