Friday, January 2, 2015

2014, A Year in Review

The stakes were pretty high after 2013, taking the title "the best year of my life".  As I sit and reflect, 2014 clearly takes the cake!  Not only did I have MY life back (no longer a cow, milking 18 times a day) but our family moved HOME!  We've had a lot of stress over the past 6 months, moving, house hunting, buying then moving again, but things are feeling settled, at long last!

We are still FAR from having our home organized, and our kitchen STILL doesn't have that back splash up, but this morning I found my box of nails, so FINALLY I can hang our other family photo wall.

I put together my favorite photos from 2014 to enjoy, and wish all our family and friends a very happy, healthy, love-filled, good-fortuned 2015!

Valentine candy love
K&A made me the most wonderful 30th birthday present!
AJ's first haircut
Seriously, they are best friends!  I love they prefer to ride together (still today) than apart.
Up all night watching the blood moon.  Really spectacular
Another quad photo shoot
Twinny Love
Kaboom's first haircut
Cooking Aiden for dinner
Watching the moving truck depart
1st boat ride, driving with Dad
Kaleb LOVED 4th of July fireworks.  I was so surprised!
"down by the bay, where the watermelons grow"
Pavilion Dance party
Found our new home!
First time in the "dooooe"

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