Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sky Lanterns

Last year Keith and I brainstormed and wrote out our wishes/hopes/dreams on a handful of sky lanterns for the new year.  Thinking back on the memory I feel that MANY of what we wrote was accomplished!  So, this is definitely a sweet tradition I'd like to continue.  It actually began as a birthday treat I wanted to do for the boys....but their 1st birthday came and passed so quickly I completely forgot about my purchase, so I'm happy it turned into a great way to start a new year!

The boys were extra helpful this year and each had their very own lantern as their "dream board".  They loved watching them float away, waving and saying bye-bye.

Special thanks to our friends for coming to celebrate the eve with us!  We were all pretty rowdy playing Cards Against Humanity, and K&A never made a peep.  3AM came entirely too fast, and I'm sure the boys provided some great birth control for our friends in the morning.

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far.  It's cold and windy in Northeast Ohio.  Stay happy and warm.

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