Friday, December 5, 2014


You "two" bring pure joy to my life and although you are officially BIG BOYS, you'll forever be my teeny babies.

Kaleb Jesse:  Weighs 25 pounds 6 ounces (19th percentile) and stands 32.3/4 inches "small" (10th percentile).

Aiden Jake:  Currently weighs 28 pounds 2 ounces (52nd percentile) and measures 33.3/4 inches tall (81st percentile).

Patiently waiting for the Birthday Boys to wake up!
What a fun birthday the boys and I had yesterday!!  The balloon surprise was the best.thing.ever!!  I had a blast setting it up and woke up extra early so I could sit in their doorway and see their expressions!  It was SO classic.  Aiden was first, he noticed the floor and his jaw HIT THE FLOOR!!  He stood up, laughed, looked up and his jaw HIT THE FLOOR!!  I wish I could type the sound that came out of his mouth.  I started laughing and my cover was blown!  So I burst in singing happy birthday, kicking balloons, taking pictures and the boys couldn't wait to get out of their beds to run through the sea of balloons "booooo"!!  It was a blast.  We probably played in their room for an hour!!  I love these photos...even though they are all similar, I just can't pick my favorite ones.


The boys were ecstatic to see their art table!  They loved it so much all day they picked out toys and immediately brought them over to their table to play with it there.  It was SO cute!  Kaleb, my sweet boy, even took his books over to read.  Every time I blinked the scene became more magical and I hope I remember it forever and ever.

We had mini sprinkle pancakes for breakfast, WITH syrup!  I didn't set up the kitchen stool as a special surprise, but when Aiden ran into the kitchen he literally stopped in his tracks, did a double take (it was sitting out of the way) and gave me a HUGE smile!  The boys stood way up high and helped make breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They loved the view!

Now it's party time!  Looking forward to seeing some friends and family this weekend to help celebrate with the boys.  

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