Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Big Boys Don't Cry/Vacation Recap

The Quads!
Today is the last day Kaleb and Aiden are allowed to whine and cry, for tomorrow they will be big boys...(currently Aiden is throwing a tantrum because Kaleb took his choo-choo.  There are about 15 other engines in a bag right next to him).

I'm excited for this birthday.  This year has been drastically different than their first year of firsts.  I've enjoyed the days since my zombie-mom self is in the past.  

We are running tons of errands today in preparation of tomorrow's grand event.  There are cakes to make, presents to assemble and decorations to hang.  I'm pretty excited to see the boys faces tomorrow morning when they see a balloon covered ceiling (they LOVE balloons) and their very own size art table/chairs.  Since they love to help cook, and Aiden has been pushing chairs around, so he can climb up for a better counter-top view, I got them a big kitchen step stool.  

We visit with our pediatrician on Friday morning, so I'll run a stat update on the boys once I have the numbers, and my thoughts wrapped up on my twins officially turning TWO.  

Until then our vacation recap in photos!

Yay, the engine was out to oogle.
The bear.  Professional blower and smeller
Everyone loves Curious George
The goose!  Oh that bedhead!!!
"the twins"
Taking each other for wagon rides.  Everyone had a turn!
PIZZA party!!!  So much love and laughter in this room, and a row of babies in the back!
Cousin play date!!!
Kaleb photo bomb!!
Chloe and Aiden
Silent laughter from AJ.  Gosh OB can run fast!
GRANDPA Eddie ("papa Ee")
The kids


  1. Lucie and Kaleb look identical sometimes. I know we say it all the time, but it is s crazy