Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Party in the Kingdom

The weekend following the boys birthday we invited family over to celebrate and eat cake!  The boys were so excited knowing their big cousins were coming to play, as well as the Thomas gang.  The boys are obsessed with Ella and wish she could live here with us.  AJ even offered her his bed and he'd sleep on the floor.  What a kid.

Back to the kings birthday....we needed a kid kingdom!  Keith brought home a GINORMOUS cardboard box from work, and sacrificed his rearview mirror to do so.  About 3 feet stuck out of the jeep in the massive snow storm, so it had to be cut down big time, which was perfect anyways so we could peek over the top.  Coloring the kingdom was a kid jackpot, and although I planned other crafts with the kids (origami crowns for the boys and flower crowns for the girls) we never did get around to it.  I have a massive sticker collection from college scrapbooking days, and I'm so happy they got put to good use!

The boys and their Ella.  Wearing the one flower crown I fashioned before the party.
I desperately tried to find a cake topper fit for a king, but finally settled on zootopia figurines.  Little Judy Hopps has spent only a few daily minutes apart from Kaleb, he loves her so dearly!  Kman stared and stared at his little cake, wanting to eat it and have Hopps so badly.  It's tough being four-years-old and having mama tell you "please be patient, we need to wait."  So many thank you's to all who helped make this party so special for the boys.  We appreciate you all and send lots of love!


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