Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hello 2017 & Family Photos

Happy New Year friends and family!!  Blink your eyes and we're one week into January!!  
Our week has been filled with low-key adventures around the house wearing our jammies sun-up to sun-down.  A great way to bring in the year after a packed full month of December.  The last I shared was the boys birthday, so I'll post a year end recap soon.

For now, hope this new year will bring much happiness, good health, fortune and love to you all.  We have welcomed 2017 mixing calm and chaos.  I plan to continue my journey to minimalism and dedicate this year to further education on oils and kombucha.  My journey as a home brewer has been really wonderful, and although I haven't shared any details, I have such big plans for Greenbrier Booch.

Beginning tomorrow we are looking at a busy beginning.  Back to library school I'm most excited about.  I love those mornings of peace and quiet, sitting in silence and enjoying a cup of HOT tea.  And, before it's officially unacceptable to share last year's family are a bunch!

The pond behind our home.  Currently filled to the top and looks like the perfect hockey arena.

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