Monday, December 12, 2016



This entire year King Kaleb and King Aiden will grow, learn, shine and wear a crown upon their head!!  Incase you've never heard of a Kings birthday, or Queens birthday, it is when you reach the exact age as the day of your birth.  Kaleb and Aiden are FOUR folks, born on December 4th 2012.  Yikes, four seems SO old!

The weekend of their birthday we were so lucky to be entertaining company at home and spent a wonderful day at Gigi and PopPops to celebrate a late Thanksgiving, early Christmas.  This was the second year the boys were fortunate enough to wake up and see their Bma, which is present enough!!!  

After plenty of hours catching up on WestWorld everyone set up a fun morning surprise for the kings.  Sweet Kaleb asked for a Zamboni, which came sitting on a playmobile hockey rink from Bma, complete with stick shooting players and brave goaltenders.  Aiden, also known as driver of trailers, asked for a "little tiny little trailer" that he could connect to his hot wheels red mac truck.  Give Aiden a stuffed animal and he'll affix a hitch to pull a trailer.  A fun window sill set up of all his trailer pulling vehicles put such a smile on his face.  These boys are so full of joy.

Birthday week continued with a day around town, lunch at the fantastic local coffee/chocolate shop, supply run to home depot and a visit to the nature reservation where a real life size game of candy land led us on a wild adventure!!!!!  We had a wonderful visit with my girlfriend Kristen, her mom and little Zoe, my pseudo daughter.  My heart bursts with happiness seeing her in person, and I almost cried when she held her arms out to me and gave me a REAL hug.  And, even though I didn't do a 3rd birthday balloon bath photo, the boys nailed it as wild kings this year.

So much love to everyone who sent birthday wishes, hugs and kisses to Kaleb and Aiden.  If you talked to them on the fourth, and asked about their special day, I bet they told you I made them apple granola crisp for breakfast.  HAHA.  This weekend concluded birthday week with a friends and family party at home.....which I will share soon!!!

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