Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tricks or Treats

We are officially half way through November, and yet Halloween feels like it was yesterday.  The boys have fallen in love with characters from the movie Zootopia, and spent weeks insisting on dressing up as Officer Judy Hopps, a first ever bunny police officer who wants to make the world a better place, and Nick Wilde, a sly fox turned police detective.  

Before trick or treat night, which we spent in Keith's hometown, the boys and I attended a fun party with members of my multiples group.  I didn't have their police costumes prepared, so we all went as cowboys.  They spent the day calling me Jessie, the cowgirl from Toy Story, but said they were not Woody.  Mph.  Kids.

I dressed up for trick or treat as the villain from zootopia, a sheep named Bellwether and the assistant Mayor, but failed to get a good photo this year of the three of us.  Kaleb and Aiden policed the town, and were the ONLY ones dressed up from Zootopia.  I heard so many people exclaim "FINALLY."  Then, should anyone call Kman anything other than Officer Hopps, he was QUICK to correct them, hit his walkie talkie call button, fall into a lounge position and yell "YES".  HAHAHA, this happened roughly 85hundred times that night.

Halloween day we spent at home carving pumpkins and ridding the house of bad-guys.  AJ requested a dump-truck pumpkin and Kaleb asked for the witch from room on the broom as well as her kitty companion.  I thought it was unnecessary to attend another session of trick-or-treat, so we stayed in baking homemade pizza and watching hocus pocus.

We have been crazy busy every week, and I'm thankful our library pre-school sessions are over until the New Year.  Hope everyone is enjoying November so far!

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