Sunday, November 20, 2016

Apple Picking

Happy Thanksgiving week!!  Raise your hand if you'll be eating a good old-fashioned apple pie!  YUM.  Apple season has come to an end, and I can't believe we only made it to the orchard just once!  Before it's unacceptable to share these photos (because too much time has passed) I wanted to share the adventure.  My very favorite apples are Honey Crisp and we made it just before the trees were completely picked over.  

AJ found a wagon to pull around, our friend Seth found a nest of birds and we all ate about 3 apples each in the field. 

We had such a great apple stash I thought I'd make a few pies, but they disappeared during lunches the first week!  I'm drooling just looking at these photos.  MMM.  I may have to go to the apple farm this week and hope they have a leftover bag.  Enjoy the week, may everyone have numerous blessings to count.

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