Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Three Days a Week

Happy FALL!!!  My favorite time of the year has been busy and beautiful!  The boys have had a new weekly schedule the past two months, but this week is the beginning of the end of preschool for a long holiday break.  Monday's we visit our local city library, which has been fun-but not the greatest.  Our first day was an eye-opener where two classes were mashed together in the midst of a torn apart library, the teacher was scrambling to make name-tags, asked all parents please stay, THEN cut the time in HALF.  Ugh-this was not the deal, but it's a free program so like I tell the boys "you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit."  Each week has improved greatly, although the class has still remained only 30 minutes.  Almost not worth the effort, although I've made two girlfriends, and I really look forward to seeing their lovely faces every Monday morning.  And the revamp is really coming together!

Wednesday's are such a sigh of relief.  The "upper-level" preschool program.  Amazing teacher, great structure, always an adorable craft and Kaleb and Aiden have been telling me all about the teacher-classmates-singing songs-etc, unprompted, which means I know they are loving it and learning.  Mid-week class ends next Wednesday, after a little costume party, then preschool break goes until after the new year.  The boys will really miss their teachers-and I will surely miss that time to myself.  I found the comfiest chair, secluded and basking in the morning sun.  I run to that spot as quickly as the boys run to their classroom!

Our third busy day the boys take part in a gymnastics program.  This was the best decision and every week I fall a little more in love.  They have a nice balcony I always have to myself.  I'm able to watch the boys, get some work accomplished (I'm working on opening a little home run business) and enjoy another glorious hour to myself without interruption.  Although all three photos below show the kids on bars they also do floor exercise, tumble track (floor trampoline), balance beams and mat exercises like cartwheels, forward/backward somersaults, headstands and bridges.  Typically the boys have two coaches, and last week the class officially got split.  I'm not thrilled loosing the attention of two coaches, plus I'm more fond of the coach we "lost".  But it's still an amazing experience for everyone.  I'm so lucky to have found such a hidden gem close to home!

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