Sunday, August 28, 2016

Charleston Vacation

I promise I think about blogging ALL.THE.TIME but never seem to get here to post.  My apologizes to all friends and family asking me for photos.  I have burned discs for everyone-I'll hand them out Labor Day weekend.

Public service announcements aside, Charleston was nothing short of fabulous!  Living with family in a ginormous house is something I feel confident I'd love to do at least half of every year.  Our house, surprisingly unchanged, really did feel like home.  The amount of space provided even allowed 19 people to "hide" from one another.  I'd follow the music to find Jess and Patrick, the sun to find Rachael, the memorable smell of a burning cigar for Papa, laughter/crying for the quads and sweet dessert baking for Julia.  I love everything about vacation, even the sand that unexplainably winds up in the sheets of the bed, missing flip flops, inescapable daily grocery runs and chasing down rainbows.  Thank you Papa for another magnificent family vacation!

Beach time was awesome this time around.  We used some handy carts to help lug toys, snacks and towels and spent many days building sand castles, jumping waves and Lucie June even flew a kite.  Quad control was pretty easy, especially when two of the four want to swim and swim every waking moment.  Seashell painting was pretty spectacular, thanks to Aunt Jules who totally came prepared for that one!  Bedtime stories (Lu and AJ love making their own up), quad baths (yay-this is still happening) and dance parties on the porch were SO entertaining.

Ok, I could ramble and list fun memories till the end of time, it's photo dump time!

COUSIN photos are my favorite!  Jumping waves.

Happy pelicans, undoubtably chasing that rainbow too
The wind and rain blowing in
Uncle Will Quad control!
Out for a rainy walk on the beach.  Total man on the moon feel here

Crabbing was HILARIOUS.  AJ has no fear, and everyone else screams when they come crawling.
Nightly dinner scene.  Love this so much!
Happy Birthday to Michael!!!!

Aunt Jess and Uncle Pat giving the kids rides.  
Love that Lucie Tail!!!
Photo request by Michael
Key Lime Pie and Plum/Peach Pie Bakers
Sea shell painting post naps.  Dear Kaleb, I love your bedhead forever and always
A beautiful, and sad view leaving the Isle of Palm.  Until next time!

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