Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Less is More

I began this post right after New Years, then completely forgot about it.  The boys and I just had such a wonderful weekend in Pittsburgh, which I'll share next, but wanted to publish my goal for the year first.

I decided my big resolution this year is to minimize!  I'm SO excited for this one, and have a really great support system on board.  Not only is Keith excited to see me let go of SO much, but my mom is doing the same thing in her mountain home.  Every week I plan on tackling a small area of the house/life.  Last week began with myself in the bedroom.  I have a feeling I'll have some difficulty learning to purge, so I'm going to begin with my clothes, accessories, what I store under the bed, see what I come up with then eventually cycle back around to Keith's section of the room.  It's gonna get messy, then it's gonna get organized.  Plus, minimizing will contribute to my other goal....to give.

Less is more!

A scene from last week.  Items piling around my office.  All that gave me one whole closet back!

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