Monday, January 18, 2016

Pittsburgh Last Week

Hope everyone had a great weekend and in spirit of Martin Luther King, JR I'm sharing a favorite quote:

"You don't have to see the whole staircase.  Just take the first step."

We are heading into our 3-year-old pediatric appointment tomorrow morning and currently enjoying LOTS of snow.  Before I share updated stats I wanted to post about our time in Pittsburgh last week.

The boys and I had a lovely visit with my Grandma to sing her happy birthday.  She smiled, sang along, laughed when the boys played airplane on the love seat cushion and her kisses are as sweet as ever!  This past Friday was her 96th birthday and we send additional love, health and happiness to her, one day at a time :)

The following day Kaleb and Aiden had their very first visit to see the dinosaurs at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.  What a treat!!  Many thanks to Aunt Nan"ne" and Uncle Dennis who had the idea and made it happen!  I heard Kaleb say "look at that dinosaur, right there" about 200 times, the boys transformed into paleontologists, chisel and brush in hand, to dig fossils in the quarry, changed floors to learn about building a snow house, posed like a mummy, ran around in circles in every room possible and picked out a fierce t-rex to bring home!  AJ named his Mickey dinosaur (from the book the night kitchen), then Kman followed with Minnie dinosaur (haha, how predictable.)

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