Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy 2016!!!!

We all had a wonderful beginning of this new year together.  At my continued request the boys and I all stayed home together.  We picked up some yummy snacks to make, fresh flowers, hung a couple garlands, the boys cracked up when Keith popped a champagne cork and when I ran upstairs to kiss the kids at midnight Aiden said "happy new year mama."  

We spent the first morning of the new year luring Keith downstairs with bacon, riding bikes and traveling to Pittsburgh for a surprise visit with Kristen and baby Zoe.  She's grown so much this past two months and the boys are in LOVE with her!!!  

Our slumber party was a blast and we thank Mama Strayer so much for inviting us over.  We gave hugs and kisses the next morning and came home to write out our resolutions, wishes, dreams and all good thoughts for what we hope 2016 will hold.  Once the sun went down Keith's family joined us in releasing our sky lanterns.  This is definitely my favorite tradition!

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