Monday, September 21, 2015

Zoo Adventures

We were lucky to receive free zoo passes for the second time, and couldn't pass up the adventure.  We had a busy weekend first in Pittsburgh, where I got to celebrate one of my very best girlfriends first baby!  And, we had a pizza party to love and sing a very happy birthday to my big sister! 

AJ was still walking around the house today singing "happy birthday Aunt Rachael", and Kman was standing at the sink, brushing his teeth, and pretending to still eat Aunt Rachael's birthday cake.  They are too funny.

We got home late, late from Pittsburgh, so we didn't get to the zoo the following day until the afternoon.  Since the boys slept in everyone stayed in happy spirits without naps.  Phew!  The weather was cool, sunny and happy!  We seriously had such a perfect day.  

All smiles!  Win!

The twin giraffe's have gotten SO big, and they are by far my favorite animal to visit!  The boys loved the elephants and aquarium best.  Kman was so captivated by all the fish, taking his time between two salt water tanks, talking-watching-trying to touch, then chose a fish to ride on the carousal.  

Uncle Timmy hopping like a kangaroo 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Happy last few days of summer.

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