Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Fall

Happy FALL!!  

It's officially my favorite time of the year.
Color changing scenery, saying goodbye to mosquito's, pumpkins for days, planting (which I need to do), the return of HOCKEY and apples upon apples!!!!  

Since we are apple pigs over here I thought I'd share our orchard adventure this week.  The boys and I frequently visit the Patterson's Fruit Farm for donut dates and play, but we've never actually been to their family picking orchard.  Now that we've been, holy smokes, we'll have a hard time deciding which site to visit.  One has freshly baked donuts, apple fritters and apple cider slushes (winning in my eyes), the other has corn mazes, tractor rides, a giant corn play pit, tire swings and haystacks for jumping and climbing (winning for K&A). In any case we enjoyed our pants off and left with apple filled bellies and exhausted toddler tornado's.  

This morning library class was all about apples too!  The boys did a fun coloring craft and had to put their masterpieces in sequence (which I've never thought of working on) and AJ was so brave he actually went in front of the class on his own today.  He jumped up when Miss Debbie called his name, took three steps, looked around.....hesitated, then conquered his fear and completed his task.  I was so proud.  However; the rest of the time he had a difficult time listening, so next week I'll discuss "listening dust" a little more thoroughly with him.

And, although my sister suggested I begin a book review section of the blog (like her's, and it's fabulous), which for now I'm not planning on, I do have to share Ruth Orbach's APPLE PIGS!  It's SO good I simply must buy it!  The illustrations are charming and delightful and the story reads so smooth.  Hints of rhyming throughout, a new scene on every page and a really great meaning!  A must find for all library readers!

Also, Geno is so funny.  He loves story time, and reads books with us every night....and sometimes during the day too.
Tomorrow the boys go to their first KinderMusic class!!  If they love it, I hope to make this a weekly activity.

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