Wednesday, August 26, 2015


A couple weeks ago Kaleb and Aiden had their very first camping trip.  For three days and two nights they slept under the stars, swam in the reservoir, drove their cars around in the dirt, tried out the jet-ski for the first time and ate pizza mountain pies.  We had a blast!  Plus, Keith and his brother picked one of the best sites we've ever had!  It was SO pretty and a short distance to the kybo.  Day two K&A could run the trails themselves and knew exactly where to go.

We shared a tent with the boys and everyone slept on air mattresses.  It was so fun and I know they'll be really excited to do it again soon!  It felt great to relax and eat s'more after s'more huddled around the campfire.  I sang kon-o-kwee songs non-stop and loved waking up to sweatshirt weather and excited toddlers.

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