Monday, August 17, 2015

Big City Chicago Photo Dump

5 months passed too quickly, and the twin cousins wanted to play!

Last week the boys, my Dad and I took off for another big city adventure.  When we parked around the corner of my sisters place we had the best greeting EVER.  When Lucie June rounded that corner and saw her cousins she squealed so loudly traffic should have stopped.  She ran right up to Kaleb and pat him on the shoulder saying HI KK.  Our hearts burst!

Bedtimes basically went out the window but all in good fun, right?  Playground fun, zoo days at Lincoln Park, blowing bubbles and running in the sprinkler, reading bedtime stories, watching Peppa Pig and SOOO MUCH LAUGHING.  Being together IsTheBest.

LJ kills me!  She loves her boys!  So lucky to have captured this.  They were watching the birds
Snack date
Very active sea lions!
Aunt Becca, take my picture!

The quads have the sweetest bond!  Lucie June seems to always be in charge, which I always expect.  AJ continues to care for everyone, making sure his brother and cousins have a sip of water and saying goodbye gets a little more difficult and heartbreaking for everyone.  Driving away Kaleb proclaims "Aunt Jules, Ucie June, Teddy, go back."

Cousin Love.  Boy does Lucie June give the best kisses

Big thanks to my Dad for driving us all and to my sister for hosting another great trip!

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