Monday, July 20, 2015

Slug Wars

The past week I've really started cracking down on our Greenbrier Garden.  And so, I'm in an all out slug war!  Finally I've figured out what's eating everything!  It's crazy how many we have, and how much damage they can do!  For the past 5 nights I've killed HUNDREDS!!!  Since the clean-up began my front porch flowers have started blooming again, we have cucumbers blooming like crazy, and peppers too!!  It's amazing!! I'm convinced my carrots, spinach, broccoli, kale and lettuce did grow, but the slugs have eaten it all before I could even see sprouts.  Today the boys helped plant a few more rows, we'll see what happens. 

Two more things that help:
Keith has been digging and re-routing water drainage to keep it away from the garden.
Every night I gather as many frogs and toads as I can find and release them in the garden. They are my allies and help with slug control so I can sleep.

Aside from my nighttime shenanigans the boys had a busy weekend.  A few friends hosted some fun parties.  The boys got to drive a little jeep around for a couple hours, swim, eat "special treats"....things I don't normally allow them to have, visit a car show and ride some attractions at the fair. 

Kman is fighting a fever and cold, so we're laying low this week.  I feel a little awful for pushing and expecting so much out of the boys.  I need to remember they are only two.  Hope you all had a nice weekend.

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