Friday, November 14, 2014

Snow Days

Wanted to give a quick update since it's been a couple weeks.

In current events:
We took a fun trip to Pittsburgh last weekend for birthday brunch at my Aunt's house to celebrate cousin Zach!  The boys had a blast with everyone and Kaleb seriously sang Happy Birthday as loud as he could.  It was hilarious.  They also had a great time playing the piano with cousin Matthew and practiced blowing out candles with Uncle Dennis.  My Aunt has a bunch of pictures, I'll have to run an update once I ask her to send me a few.

The house is looking slightly more organized.  The boys room has a new coat of paint, which has really brightened up their space!  It looks so much larger and I'm really looking forward to putting up some special decorations...which are still in boxes.  The kitchen is almost finished.  We still need to find a back splash and I think we'll give the walls a coat of paint to offset the white cabinets.  The boys and I picked up a track light to try out, and a wood worker stopped by this morning to take some measurements for a pantry cabinet (and staircase railing).

Northeast Ohio is getting a BIG dose of lake effect snow this week.  This is the first time the boys have ever seen "dooooooe."  We got dressed up to "play" outside today and the boys just stood there completely confused.  They couldn't push their trucks, tractor or lawn mower.  When they tried they'd hold their cold hands up in the air and cry for me to clear the snow away.  Oh boy.  They'll get there.  Once I teach them how to build snow forts and a snowman!

Happy weekend everyone.  I think we'll stay cozy indoors.  Another blast is on the way.

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