Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our "forever" home

Photo courtesy: Eagle Vision Photography
Portion of the front yard looking back to the culdesac

Truly, we hope this is our final home...but who knows what the future holds.  For now it's perfect for us to grow into and make our own!  We knew right when the house posted on the market it was the one, saw it the following day and instructed our agent to bring the paperwork.  Within 24 hours we were lucky enough to have a final offer submitted and the house was listed as contingent.  The sellers took a couple months to find a new home them selves, so we patiently waited and enjoyed the stress free days of pre-move.  Most of the pictures below are ones the sellers had posted, so furniture all belongs to them.

The past two weeks have been such a mess.  Between the final delivery of our belongings and our current home projects I can't believe I can sleep at night!  So far I've gotten the outside of the house painted, removed some of the bars between the kitchen and living room (same at the ones pictured below looking out from the sitting room/playroom, replaced a couple lights in the kitchen/dining room and the kitchen facelift is still underway.  

New paint color to pull out the darker bricks.  Keith isn't sold yet.  I think shutters will help.
Sitting room/Play room
The boys room (sellers nursery).  Currently in transitioning mode to a toddler/big big room with new paint!
Backyard screened porch.  Hope to eventually turn this baby into a 4season room.  Wish they would have left all that wood outside too :)
Kitchen and kitchenette.  Dining room in back.
In the midst of cabinet transformation.  Prepped for new countertops, sink and faucet (which have arrived)!
The Lowe's employees give us such big smiles every time we visit the store....which is becoming a little too often.....

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.  Happy November.

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