Monday, October 27, 2014

Trick or Treat

Yesterday was Trick or Treat in Keith's hometown.  We had a wicked rough day before making it to Grandmas, where we quickly got dressed and headed out for candy.  I forgot to color the tips of the boys nose black, or put on my red lipstick...and lost Aiden's black string to tie on his wings, but all went well and people loved my little bats.  The boys are officially obsessed with lollipops and if you say the word, you better have one up for grabs.  It was the cutest thing watching the boys share their suckers on their wagon ride back home.  I wonder how long it'll take for the kids to grow their fangs and become full fledged vampires.  They'll be TWO in 38 either they'll have them by then, or sometime in this next year.  Ha.

I need to start planning a party soon, or it may not happen.  The big move has been hectic and life is crazy disorganized at the moment.  It took an entire week for me to completely loose it.  A big thanks to my Mama for the amazing visit and hugs, without her I think I would have melted down rather quickly.  I really look forward to seeing this place come together.  One.Day.At.A.Time.  This needs to be my mantra.  I'll post some pictures of the house and some family visitors soon!

Today, on the way home the boys and I stopped at Kent State, my old stomping ground, to visit their OB between classes.  The campus has really evolved over the years and it's just as beautiful as can be.

Hope everyone is getting excited for Halloween.  Fingers crossed for all treats over here.  I'm exhausted from tricks.

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