Sunday, October 5, 2014

Patterson's Fruit Farm Part 1

A North East Ohio Fall staple is Patterson's Fruit Farm, and luckily we are only 25 minutes from it's main location.  It was such a fun place to visit on a gorgeous weekday.  The boys got to see some real apple trees up close, crawl over loads of pumpkins and look over the gorgeous hillsides.  We had a nice picnic lunch on the farm with my girlfriend Megan, and brought home apple fritters for Keith's birthday dessert.  They were SOOO good.

I've learned the second location has many more activities; apple picking, hay-rides, a corn maze and a jungle gym of hay barrels.  We'll be sure to visit that location soon!!  But, we'll need to drive-by the main location to pick up more apple fritters, and maybe a box of donuts!

We are only two short months away from the boys 2nd birthday.  It's WILD.  This second year has been so much more enjoyable, less emotional and didn't pass as quickly as the first, thank goodness!

We close on the new house this week, and moving in TWO weekends!!  After that we'll have to throw together a fun party for the boys and their friends!  I can't wait to have all our things back, it's been a long four months without my cake pans.

Happy Sunday everyone, and happy October!!  Enjoy this little video of the boys singing in the apple field.  This went on-and-on for about 3 minutes.  I think they were singing Johnny Appleseed :)

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