Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crunch, Giggle, Crunch

The boys have fallen for Autumn just like their Mama!  We have spurts of ridiculously amazing sunshine-full days, where we spend morning and afternoons outside, and other chilly rain-shower days that keep us cozy inside watching Room on the Broom.  But, while the sun is out, so are we!!  The boys love to smash through a freshly raked pile of leaves (who doesn't?!) and love to lay down and watch the leaves fall from the trees above.

We went for a long walk a couple days ago and picked up a ton of leaves.  They are in the process of drying and we'll do some crafts with them next week for fun.

Our Sunday walk-in-the-park was right next to the river this past weekend.  The boys loved looking for turtles and watching Keith skip rocks across the stream.  Kaleb is obsessed with his new puff jacket.  It was a crazy good find at the Ohio multiples group sale.  $3 for baby-gap, yes please!

Tonight we are meeting with the title agency and officially closing on our new home!  I'm so excited I haven't slept in two days.  Moving day will be here before we know it.  YAY!!!

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  1. (This is the fourth time I'm typing this comment bc my computer won't let me hit publish without logging in 100 different ways)
    Crunching leaves is SO satisfying! We make a point to go out every day...except was a bad day. But every other day! Xoxo