Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall, the most wonderful time of the year!

My favorite season is upon us, and I get to enjoy it for the first time in 7 long years!!!  Three years I spent clawing at the 1-2 week season in North Dakota, aka the frozen tundra, where darkness consumed our "day" falling at an abnormally early time and lasting long into the morning hours.  I love the winter, but not three out of four seasons.  We needed our mental and physical bodies to thaw, and so we journeyed to the south, and the Texas heat was brutal.  Autumn passed so swiftly in San Antonio, then it was back to air conditioning or laying poolside.

I'm going to gorge as much Fall as possible this year.  The smell of the air brings a sense of peace to my life, which seems hard to come by these days.  The boys and I have been picnic lunching almost every afternoon, the windows are open, we've pulled out our cool weather wardrobe and I even bought the boys snowsuits.  They cracked up when I dressed them head to toe to check sizing.  Stay puff marshmallow toddlers are hilarious!

We enjoyed a delicious Sunday walk in the park last weekend.  This is a favorite childhood memory for my siblings and I.  A special time for our family to connect with each other and nature.  I plan on continuing this tradition with Kaleb and Aiden hoping they'll love it as much as I still do!  Passing things down to your own children is truly a fine concept.  I dug around in our attic and came across the brio train set my sisters and I would spend countless hours creating.  We'd have long elaborate stories and tales of the passengers.  The set contains so much the boys aren't ready to play with yet, but they'll have a blast with the drawbridges, train stop benches and overpasses one day too.

Then, today the boys had their first Ohio zoo adventure.  Their reactions to the animals at this age, compared to our zoo visit in San Antonio 7 months ago, was impressive.  They were able to point and tell me what some animals were and cried leaving each exhibit.  We'll have to look into a season pass for next year!  Plus I want to keep my eye on those baby giraffes we saw today!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and happy Fall.

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