Saturday, July 26, 2014

Windy Adventure

Last week my Dad and I took the boys to play in Chicago for a few days!  My sister has been so wonderful at visiting me, multiples times In Texas, and it was sooo great to finally see her home in the city!

The boys and I shared a room, which is no big deal, unless time zone is a factor.  The boys have fully adjusted to Eastern Time now that we reside in Ohio, so traveling back to Central left a sprightly Kaleb at 630am on the dot!  Once he saw me in the room there was no turning back.  Luckily our room is L&T's future playroom and was loaded with toys....which I chucked one at a time into both pack'n'plays.  I had hoped the boys would be entertained longer than 60 seconds, while I adjusted my mind to morning play.  Yea right.  So, I entertained them myself for an hour or so, then moved through each room of the house waking each adult, and toddler,  Who wants waffles and blueberry pancakes?

We had a great time fighting playing with new toys, visiting one of the most beautiful zoo's I've ever seen,

Jules and I continue to agree.  Kaleb and Lucie look like the twins.  Don't you think?!
By far the star of the zoo!!  This polar bear would swing by every few minutes and stare right at the kids!

picnicking by the waterfront, quacking like ducks in the pool and eating out at a real restaurant for the first time ever!  Aiden surprises me everyday with his independence and strong-will and each day Kaleb's kisses get just a little sweeter.

All 4 kiddos in this photo...running amuck.  Aiden, naturally is furthest away
This photo cracks me up.  "Skinny Pete" looks just a little more buff

Jules, thanks so much for having us, and Dad thanks so much for driving!!

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