Friday, July 11, 2014

Our 4th of July

One year sure does make a difference: my little stars and stripes have grown so much.  I tried incredibly hard to recreate this picture.  (I even bribed the gummy boys with gummy bears)  This is the best it's gonna get.  

We had such a fabulous time in Pittsburgh with the family for the celebration of our great nation!  I can't get past how amazing it is to see everyone, and do not miss the sadness of saying goodbye, because I know in a short time I'll have to opportunity to see them again.  Being close to home is everything I expected it would be.

Keith, my brother-in-law Tim, the boys and I had a crazy relaxing day at my Dad's, spent an incredibly fun time at my Aunt's for food/family, then headed to the golf course to see a fantastic fireworks show.  Kaleb surprised the crap out of me and loved the booms, bangs and cracks.  Thank you to my nieces Chloe and Sophie for chasing the boys around everywhere and keeping tabs on them.

This is Kman's smelling the flowers face
Aiden's favorite Uncle Michael
These girls are!  I love them so much and the boys do too....despite the their faces above.
L.O.V.I.N.G. the grand finale!
Our house hunting continues, we are off to a birthday party at ChuckeCheese tomorrow (what an adventure that will be) and I NEED to take those "18" month pictures.  Also, a mad shout out to Keith, who found out yesterday he will retire the military as Staff Sergeant Rickel.  So proud of you!

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