Thursday, July 3, 2014


CHEERS!  This is my 100th post.  Wow!

Lots of things happening around here and we are busy running here and there and everywhere!!!!  It's amazing to be close to friends and family now.  I'm happy the boys are such great car passengers.  This past week we've been on a few playdates, fed the fish with GG and PopPop, took a wagon ride to visit my Dad's cigar shop, got to sing Happy Birthday to my Aunt and visit with my beautiful Grandmother!

The boys with the Thomas bunch and JD
Thanks again for the bubbles Auntie Meg!
Toyland at Rowens!
Daily pillow forts in our tiny rental
Oh how Aiden looooves his GG!

I finally got some old pictures uploaded from our last Texas BBQ (thank you again to all our friends who came to visit and say goodbye), as well as a few other boating shots.  Additional thanks to friends and family around town who are opening your homes to say hello!

We have a fun weekend planned and I hope the boys do well with all the action.  Our 4th of July festivities begin at my Aunts annual spread then we're going to give fireworks a shot.  I think Aiden will loooove them and Kaleb will most likely scream in terror and bury his sweet face in my arms.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day!!  Happy Birthday America!

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