Monday, June 23, 2014

Road Tripping

We are having a crazy difficult time setting up internet at our current rental home.
Just apologizing for delayed blog posts :)  The road trip went well.  Below are my four travel companions.  Keith stayed ahead of us trailing his mustang with two turtles in the front seat.  We left the morning of Friday the 13th and showed the boys their first double rainbow from the front porch.  Keith kissed me for the last time in our first home, so bittersweet.  Kaleb and Aiden loved being forward facing, which was a game changer for me, and saw 12 hot air balloons from the window of our hotel near Arkansas.

We are knee deep in a house hunt and SO crammed in this tiny rental, but it serves it's purpose well.

The boys slept through the night...FINALLY...last night, so we celebrated with blueberry and sprinkle waffles!  We have wonderful rolling thunder storms every day, and I still haven't had the opportunity to take the boys 18month photos.  We did get the boys out on the boat for the first time and tomorrow we are off to see GG and PopPop.  Pittsburgh the end of the week!

Lots of love to our Texas family.  We miss you all!

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