Thursday, June 12, 2014

Moving House

Taking a small painting break to give a quick update.

This week has FLOWN by.....faster than I ever imagined.  I never had the opportunity to take the boys 18month photos.  I'll have to do that in Ohio.  Plus my camera cords got packed away for STORAGE....ugh, so I won't be able to update any photos from my SLR for awhile.  We threw a final Texas BBQ to say thanks to our friends here, then took the boys to Sea World while we had the opportunity.  K&A had one last play date with our multiple friends too, which was hilarious...and exhausting!  Nine babies to four mamas, yikes!  The rest of the week has been full of packing, loading, painting, cleaning and errands galore.  I'll have to post a belated Texas post from my camera once I'm able to upload pictures again.

Tomorrow (Friday the 13th, ahhhh) we leave early to begin our long car ride home.  Everyone fingers crossed for happy passengers (humans and animals), good weather and trouble free days ahead!

Friends and family back your arms, we're coming in for hugs!!!!  Can't wait to see you all!!!  SOON!!!

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