Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Year 1/2

18 Months Old.  Seriously?
I'm happy to introduce you to my favorite pediatrician of all time!

The boys with Dr. Madson
I had a crazy frustrating process scheduling our last appointment with Dr. Madson, who is also leaving San Antonio, but I'm SO happy it worked out and we got to see him for the last time.  

Although we were a little ahead of 18 months at the appointment the boys current stats are:  Kaleb weighs 21 pounds 8 ounces (6th percentile).  He's 31.1 inches tall (20th percentile) and head circumference is 35% percentile at 47.2cm.  That blue cap he's wearing on the playground fits Aiden perfectly.  I ran to Target and got the next size up for president Kaboom a couple days ago.

The most loving little boy ever.  Has kisses for everyone, especially Jordan the bear!
Aiden weighs 23 pounds 7 ounces and his height puts him in the 48th percentile (our highest percentile so far) at 32.1 inches.  His head circumference is 46.1cm (11th percentile).

The most dramatic little boy ever!  Keith asked him if he wanted us to roast him for dinner....
Kaleb and Aiden got a little crafty last week, wanting to give Dr. Madson a little going away thank you.  Aiden is so fun to paint with.  I say "hi-five" and he slaps the paper.  So easy!  Kman is pure knuckles and prefers to wave with his hands.

We are VERY busy with appointments and preparing for our trip home.  I'm going to blink and before I know it we'll be sleeping in an empty house and saying goodbye to some amazing friends who have become family.

BIG plans for an 18month photo shoot this week.  I miss doing monthly shots of them, and 1 1/2 is something to celebrate.  Until then I'll leave you with a little video clip of Aiden running around being SOOO silly!!!  Keith, Kaleb and I were house hunting online and Aiden started running laps stopping only to catch his breath.  These boys fill my life with so much joy!  Every.Single.Day

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