Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Plague

We are on day 6 of "the plague".
It slowly crept in early last week and reared it's ugly head on Friday afternoon.  The boys and I are miserable.  No sleep, no food, just lot of tears....from all 6 eyes.  My heart aches for them.

Being a mother is the best thing on the planet.  Watching your children suffer from sickness is the worst thing on the planet.  They keep me young and age me all at once.  I have tried everything to comfort these poor little guys, and it's just not enough.  It doesn't help this is the first "real" occurrence the boys need me at exactly the same time...and it's just not possible, I'm outnumbered.  I constantly joke around about being an this point a spider will do!  Not even the doctors are able to help we sit in quarantine, because I refuse to pass these germs like they were so graciously passed to us...

Thank goodness it's summer and we're able to spend our days outside in our private swimming pool (thanks to wonderful Aunt Julia).  And thank goodness for our continued Citrus Lane subscription.  Both have saved my sanity and I think today was our final sick day!  Enjoy some iPhone photos from the past week.

Visiting a new Library (obviously this is before we got sick!)
Kaleb is such a climber!  He loves these walls, and with a little help dominates!
Getting ready to go splash in puddles.
New to our food store....and to us.  Yum!!  It's fun to teach the boys their letters too
The boys LOVE their new bath duckies from Inga.  Quack Quack (but really sounds like Kaak Kaak)
Citrus Lane saves the day!
Obsessed with the yellow school bus.  Lots of fighting going on over this guy.
Aiden is my water baby!

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