Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Can you even believe how much these boys have grown?  

Mother's Day 2013
They have become the most miraculous little people I've ever encountered, and they surprise me everyday with something new.  I treasure them and love them with all of my heart!

Our lives are a bit hectic at the moment and I'm glad K&A are young enough that I'm able to shelter them from the 4-6 weeks life is going to flip upside-down.  Since Keith and I welcomed the boys to our world we have talked seriously about leaving the military. The opportunity came at a wonderful time and I cannot express my excitement to move back "home".  Behind the excitement lies the stress of moving, but all will be fine.  I'm a little sad to leave our first house.  I hold the dearest memories of bringing my sweet boys home from the hospital here.  I cry thinking about touching up the paint on the walls where Kaleb drives his cars, and where they bang their cribs against the floor boards.  But as I clean their little face prints off the backdoor windows everyday I CAN DO THIS.  I look forward to all the new memories we'll build on this new adventure that I'll undoubtably treasure for the rest of time.

To my friends and family members; a very sweet and happy mother's day to you all!  I'm so thankful to have never lost hope and to have always had the encouragement, love and support of everyone who brought me into motherhood.  The journey was not an easy one, but the boys are worth it ALL in every way possible.  I'm just SO, so thankful!

Not sure what is more delicious....those lips or those eyes!!!  Aiden, give mama a kiss!!!

The video above is from today.  I bought the boys puddle jumpers, and we all LOVE them! They allow front and back floats and Aiden runs and jacket or not!  He is such a fish and if the pool is nearby he simply must be in the water.  Yikes!

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