Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Approximately three Zillion pictures

These are most of my favorites from the week-long visitors :)
We had a fabulous time in the blue bonnets, quacking like ducks and getting adjusted.
EVERYONE had a heck of a travel experience coming , and some going.  Kudos to sisters, mama and brother for keeping your cool.  Lucie and Teddy will learn the same eventually.

K&A taught Lucie how to say kaka (sorry bout that Will) and I'm pretty sure she said MINE (very protective over her baby), and Teddy started using a fork like a total pro, just picked it up and knew what to do!  L&T rode in the wagon and touched the grass for the first time, had their first BBQ dinner and were the most fabulous baby models on earth for an entire afternoon!

Thank you so much for visiting we miss you all every day.
Enjoy our week in pictures.


  1. We have the cutest babies on the planet. That is all

  2. My Moidel family! You guys are so beautiful. Seeing all these photos melts my heart. Becca, thanks for posting such wonderful updates. I read up on your blog every few months and it always brings a smile to my face!

    1. Thanks for keeping up with us on our crazy journey. The blog has been so much fun to do, and it always makes me so happy to hear how others enjoy it as well! XOXO