Sunday, April 27, 2014

Toddler Teething

I have approximately three zillion pictures to post from when family was visiting, but I had to share something else first.

Aiden woke up a new man today, a molar man in fact!  It's been a rough couple weeks waiting for that first sucker to break through.  I remember how excited I was when Aiden got his first tooth in Colorado, but suddenly he seemed so different.  The way he'd suck his bottom lip and stopped smiling as much.  Today felt similar....and as I looked at him in a new light I saw a shining mullet screaming for help!  

Aiden HATED the haircut at first, the single tear kills me and then started laughing at his expression in the mirror.

I felt bad making him unhappy after what he'd just been through with that darn tooth, but the new hair-do fits him.  We tossed around the idea of Kaleb's first haircut too, BUT I'm trying to teach him to say kowabunga dude.  He's such a little surfer.  Can't clip the wings yet!

I promise to get some family pictures up SOON!  Hope everyone had a good weekend.


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