Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Fling

Before the sisters, brother and twin cousins arrived Keith, my mom and I took K&A to my multiples group spring fling.  It was a really beautiful day in the park.  The group did a marvelous job setting everything up, and seeing a zillion sets of multiples is always oh-so entertaining.

The playground was the best we've ever been on, and I wish it wasn't all the way in New Braunfels.

The boys got a huge kick out of the egg hunt they set up for the Toddlers.  Aiden loved to crack the eggs open, toss the candy on the ground and immediately move on to the next egg.  His favorites were the ones you could crush and confetti would burst out!  Kaleb found a Darth Vader head and carried it around the rest of the afternoon.  These boys have a love for Star Wars in their blood!

We are VERY busy playing with EVERYONE at the moment and I'll have a zillion pictures to post soon!  We had a great time taking more blue bonnet photos yesterday evening.  Hopefully the sun will come out today so we can all go swimming!

I tried my best to capture some eclipse photos of the blood moon too, just wanted to share.

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