Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blue Bonnets

Spring showers this year have really allowed the blue bonnets to grow tall, and wow are they gorgeous.  Naturally the very best patches grow along the highways, and I'm not crazy enough to put the boys in that spot for a photo opportunity!  I think that's just bonkers.

Last week the boys and I were climbing into the wagon, ready for a afternoon walk, when our corner of San Antonio randomly got hit with a giant storm.  We made it back inside just in time to miss the hail.  It was pretty crazy.  After the storm the sun came out and the backyard blue bonnets looked SO vibrant I ran back there with K&A for a quick photo shoot.

This week we planned a family picture, which we took with some great friends.  Their 9month daughter Bristol and Kaleb fell in love the day they met in the hospital.  We are so ridiculous talking about their babylove, so we took silly "engagement" photos.  Aiden was running a high fever and not impressed….so none of our family ones worked out. 

Aiden pointing to the moon
We planned another special recreation of last year's family picture in the backyard, but since Aiden is still feverish we'll postpone another day or so.  We get to pick up B-ma from the airport tomorrow evening!  SOOO EXCITED!!!  Then on Monday and Tuesday sisters, brother and twin cousins join the party.  We are going to PLAY PLAY PLAY! swim, eat watermelon, make gobs of smoothies and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a extra fridge for the amount of milk we'll need for FOUR toddler tornado's.  I'm so happy the cow is the milk machine and not me!

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