Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cousin visit

Happy September and Shana Tova!!

Bma and all her babies!  3 girls with the 3 boys, and 1 boy with the 1 girl.
The boys and I have been enjoying a wonderful visit with twin cousins Lucie and Teddy, Uncle Ben and Auntie Julia!!!

What a treat to see all four babies together again.  Lucie June is oh-so-sweet in her little headbands, and I just want to plant kisses on Teddy's juicy lips all day long. 

All babies are basically on the same schedule, which is pretty awesome....cause we all get a nice baby-free-break during morning and afternoon naps.

Baby conference.  Lucie is in charge
Julia had some friends come visit, who brought along their 3month little boy.  5 babies on a hike to Fox Ridge!

Kaleb was loving his new giraffe maraca from B-toys (my favorite brand next to Plan Toys) and held onto that sucker the entire walk.

I'm so excited to share I have finally completed my Colorado goal of seeing a MOOOSE!!!  It was such an exciting moment, I've been on the look-out for YEARS!

Mama Moose
Kaleb has been pulling himself up to stand on his own for the last week, just needs help learning how to get down.  He'll stand and stand and stand until he starts to panic and needs rescued.

Kaboom! Official stander-upper
AJ watching his Bma from the porch
And both boys have their bottom teeth!  They grow everyday, and are SO darn cute!

Aiden showing off his teeth!!
On Labor day we went into town to spend an afternoon celebrating Aunt Jessica's birthday!!  Aiden almost made her cry when he carried the balloons down in his hand.  During our visit not only did Aiden stand on his own, without holding onto ANYTHING, twice, but Kaleb made me SO proud, and for the FIRST time signed MILK!!!  It's a pretty amazing thing to communicate with your baby using sign language.  We are still focusing on milk, eat, mama, kitty, more and up.
Aunt Rosa on her picnic with the babies, and Uncle Nate reading to the boys
Hope everyone is enjoying the new month.  Look for another update in a couple days.  The boys are about to be 9months old tomorrow.

Working together!

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