Monday, August 19, 2013

Surprise Surprise

What a fun day today, full of surprises!!!

Surprise 1: Kaleb has his first tooth!!  I am officially an amber necklace believer.  I think the trick is putting them on the baby before the teeth cut.  I didn't place my order until after Aiden's had arrived.  Kaleb slept like a perfect angel last night, and so far hasn't acted any different.  Still a super happy chill dude!  Except...he is back to thinking spitting is hilarious.  Ugh.

Surprise 2:  Our first Citrus Lane box arrived!  I think I was more excited than K&A.

 The book is my favorite.

Clearly, Kaleb is surprised by the earthworm.

Surprise 3:  I received my first box of Daddy's Pennsylvania garden tomatoes!!!  The postal service seems to ignore the fragile markings, so I immediately use all the broken guys to make yummy pasta sauce or tomato soup.

Surprise 4:  Kaleb is officially crawling!  He is such a ham.  I miss the days he would fly, fly, fly.  His belly flopping was also hysterical.  It looked like he was doing the worm!

Surprise 5:  Aiden has tooth numero DUO!  These puppies are coming in quick!  The boys will be eating steak in a blink of an eye.  Today they had sweet peas for the first time.  Kaleb makes the funniest faces when we give him new food.  Generally I think he enjoyed it, although he did stick his tongue out and yell "blah" at one point.  

Happy Monday everyone! 

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