Saturday, August 17, 2013


Another post about sleeping.....

Aiden on left (you can see his tooth!), Kaleb on right
In attempt to have a better nights rest we have been trying amber teething necklaces.  I have run into several mamas and babies here in the mountains who swear by these things.  They all started using them before the teeth came, and since they haven't experienced any unusual behavior, they refuse to remove the beads.  I was super freaked out at the initial thought of putting something around the boys necks...especially while they sleep, but I'm 100% comfortable now.  The first night Aiden was up at 130am.  I stared at the ceiling listening to him scream thinking "these necklaces are BOLOGNA!!"  The second night K&A slept through the night.  I'm not yet convinced it's the amber, since the following night was screaming again, then immediately rotated to sleeping soundly.  Who knows!?!

Earlier in the week we took a quick trip to the outlets and found some really cute jammies!  BabyGAP is my ultimate favorite.

Aiden in solar system, Kaleb has on dragons
 Maybe these will help the boys sleep, right?!  Wrong!!  Oh well, at least they look adorable and are super comfortable.
Two of our FAVORITE bedtime stories.  Goodnight Moon and Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site.

Although our nights haven't gotten easier, grocery shopping has!

I'm not sure why I didn't try this sooner.  It's way easier for me, and the boys LOVED it!!

Other updates:  We've successfully transitioned to 2 naps a day, which results in an earlier bedtime.  K&A are also learning how to wave hello/goodbye, sign "mama" and they are doing AWESOME at self-feeding.  I give them Gerber organic apple and sweet potato puffs.  These are great for teaching baby hand-eye coordination, self-feeding, how to chew and gives them texture!

There are signs of yellow aspen leaves creeping into view.  Fall is on it's way!!  I'm so happy I'll get to enjoy some of it while in Colorado.  I have REALLY fun plans for Halloween this year!  Happy weekend everyone.

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