Saturday, August 10, 2013

This and That...purred the cat

Aunt Jessica welcomed us to her music studio this weekend for a jam session.  The boys had a dance party and chimed in with egg shakers!  

This and That were having a blast!  Bma and I think Kaleb is going to be a drummer (I can hear the boys Grandpa Rickel cheering from Ohio). 

 He had his first real go on a drum set and...the little drummer boy was born.

After playing at the studio we walked down the main street in Frisco, naming mountains and visiting old friends Adam and Luke.  The guys run an awesome apparel business called Zealous....check them out here!  The site is currently under construction, but you'll be able to make purchases soon.  My new shirt is SO comfortable I'll probably live in it the rest of my stay in the mountains.  Adam is gonna create some super fun shirts for the boys too.  Lucky guys.

K&A enjoyed their first wagon ride today and we're trying to get ahold of a bike Chariot.  What fun that would be!  Oh...and BOTH boys have been feeding themselves their bottles.  They still need some "corrections" but they're doing great!  We're still working on sippy cups, and avocados have been going well.  They love the sweetness of fruits....pears up next for Monday.

AJ's tooth is growing more everyday.  I wish the cuteness of the tooth came without the discomfort and screaming.  We're gonna try amber teething remedies on Monday.  Fingers and toes crossed!

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