Monday, August 5, 2013

8 Months

Yesterday the boys turned 8 months old!  I can hardly believe it.

To celebrate the boys had their first picnic at kite lake.  We were there just long enough to snap some photos and feed the boys their lunch...then ran back to the car to avoid the rainstorm.

Since Bma doesn't have a scale, I'm guessing weights.
Kaleb weighs approximately 16 pounds 13 ounces, and Aiden approximately 18 pounds 3 ounces.

Food:  Kaleb is totally awesome at holding onto the bottle to feed himself.  He likes to show off and go one-handed now.  Aiden isn't too far behind, but needs a lot more practice.  So far the boys have eaten bananas, carrots, sweet potato, apples, butternut squash, grapes and watermelon.  They will get a yummy taste of avocado tonight for the new weekly food!  They love everything so far except carrots.  I'll be so happy once they are over the new food allergy tests.  They are SO curious in EVERYTHING I eat and want to taste.  It'll be so fun to share.

Sleep:  Kaleb is still sleeping every night, 10-11 hours, and takes solid naps.  The other night felt like we're getting back on track...Aiden slept from 830-6.  I pulled him into bed with me where he cuddled up and fell back to sleep for another 1.5 hours. 

Babbles and Achievements:  K is still rocking "dada", and although I haven't heard Aiden say "mama" in a couple weeks, it's still his first word.  Aiden likes to dance to music by bouncing on his knees, and Kaleb is working on playing the flute.

Hope everyone is enjoying their August so far!

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