Thursday, September 5, 2013

9 Months

Yesterday the boys turned NINE months old!!!  The 4th is a marvelous day to come into the world, just ask K&A's Aunt Jessica.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA ROSE!!!

Our 9month milestones:
Height measures Kaleb approximately 27 inches,

and Aiden 27.5 inches.

I weighed the boys last week, and although I know they've grown in length, they seem to have lost pounds.  Kaleb is 16 pounds 5 ounces and Aiden 17 pounds.  Crawling, standing, falling, standing, falling and crawling is A LOT of exercise!

The boys sleeping patterns have gotten better, although we have rough nights here and there.  They are in bed about 730ish and wake up between 7-8AM.

Eating has improved as well.  There are times when the boys spit everything out, and glorious days when they eat like big boys and love everything I give them!  We're moving to 3 meals a day, in addition to 4 day light bottles.  Recent new foods have been mango, peaches, pear and peas.

Discoveries and Accomplishments:  For Kaleb, officially using baby sign language!  Last night I was furious with myself when I spilled a bottle of milk (when it's breast milk there IS a reason to cry), and had to add an extra pump.  We finished bath time, put on our new jet jammies, and gave the boys the milk I had left.  Kaleb didn't have much to start with and finished quickly.  Before frustration of an empty bottle set in he signed milk SEVERAL times!  So smart.  His other accomplishment is pulling himself to stand on everything now.

AJ on L and Kman on R (finally a photo to show his two teeth)
For Aiden his best accomplishment is furniture surfing.  Man is he a guy on the move.  He also stands solo now!  Even if it's only for a few seconds his balance is superb!  I expect his first steps to be right around the corner.  He is a VERY determined and focused little boy.

Baby babbles:  Kaleb says Mama and Dada and Aiden says Mama.  
Sweetest ear candy ever!

As always, things keep getting better and better.  So far 9months is my favorite age :)

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