Monday, July 29, 2013

New Things

Aiden and Geno Jax out for a wagon ride 
The boys appetites are still out of sorts so I've been trying different feeding methods. I went to the "local" walmart, I'm not used to driving 45 minutes to hit up the junk store, to buy a few sippy cups. 
Kaleb says...Aunt Rachael, this look is for YOU!
K&A are all about drinking out of my nalgene so the cups were a hit right away. With lots of practice my little guys will be feeding themselves, and what a treat that will be for me!

Bippies=Baby Hippies
We have some new favorite toys and books! Bblocks are a blast and goodnight goon, a petrifying parody, is hilarious.

I took the twins to their first art show and they dipped their toes in the blue river.

We also went to their Aunt Jessica's violin recital and listened to all her students play amazing solo's and duets.

The boys playing at the recital
Apples are on the menu tonight for the new weekly food. Kaleb and Aiden both agree summer squash is delicious...anything but carrots.

Aiden is a guy on the go, and is SO strong. This past week he's been doing the elephant walk, trying extra hard to stand. Bma was so kind to show the boys they can hold onto the side of the crib, while standing, and talk to each other....thanks ma.

Hey guys!!  Whatcha doin'?
Now Aiden can't get enough. He pulled himself to STAND on his own, for the first time to have a better view of the kindle. I was shocked, excited and proud! Now he crawls over to his toy box, pulls himself to stand and looks for something new....or if I'm holding Kman up to stand and dance, AJ gets super jealous, crawls over and uses my arm to pull himself to stand too.

Aiden standing solo for the first time!!!
Kaleb has finally learned to belly flop forward, but still spends most of his time backing up and doing 360's.  Today he sat himself up on his own!

King Kaleb on his mighty throne
I can't believe the boys are almost 8 months old. Every month is my favorite age!! Things just keep getting better, and better!

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