Sunday, July 21, 2013


The clouds in Colorado are so different than Texas.  The clean air and soft whistle of the aspen leaves makes you feel like you're floating!  I can only imagine that's exactly how the boys feel swinging on the hammock.  We love it here.

Hammock View
For the first time in months the little rash on Aiden's neck has vanished, all thanks to zero humidity!  Mama and I took the boys for their first mountain hike, where we looked at rocks, smelled wild flowers, sang songs and galloped like ponies.  It was SO fun.

Mama and Kman..who was still riding his horse!
Alma's annual Festival in the Clouds is also in full swing.  Lots of rockin' bands and art to experience.  

Between all the festival's, and spending our Friday morning/afternoon's at the market, the boys have made a ton of new friends!  

AJ playing with his new book/blocks and Kaleb with his Sophie and Mr. Elephant

 They are little attention grabbers and I spend most of my time answering the same questions time and time again.   They are 7.5 months, yes they are twins, both are boys...Aiden and Kaleb, yes I'm the mama, they were 4.14 and 5.5 at birth, yes I'm busy, thank you I know I have adorable children.

Gabe, Michael, Mama and Kaleb at Festival
Kman played along with the drums all night, and Aiden crashed as I danced him to sleep!
K&A had a real rough day yesterday, and were completely out of sorts.  Today has been MUCH better, but their appetites are still off.  The next couple days I'll focus on getting them back on schedule. 

Hope everyone had a happy weekend!

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  1. Cute cute cute!! Aiden's eyes are the same color as yours in that last photo. Can't wait to join you in the fresh air XO